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Under By the current laws of the Republic of Montenegro for Russian citizens there is a visa-free entry into the country. Russians can are able to stay in Montenegro for 30 days. For entry into the country requires a travel passport, the validity of which shall expire no later than with three months validity after the date of departure from the country is required.


On the territory of Montenegro without registering, you can be stay 1 month without registration. After this period you must have to register with at in local authorities.


If you plan to stay in Montenegro for more than 30 days, you need have to get a visa at the Embassy of Montenegro for 3 or 6 months. Extend permission to stay can be extended and can be directly in Montenegro. To do this, extend this permission you have to visit go to the police at the place of residence, the officer on migration issues in local police office.


Long-term visa (visa-D) is issued to a foreigner who intends to stay in Montenegro for more than 90 days but not more than six months of the year, counting from the date of first entry. Visa-D can be single or multiple.


To obtain a visa to Montenegro you have to pay consular fee. It He is only charged only in Euro. Consular fees for citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to obtain a visa for staying over 30 days is €60. To obtain a visa for staying over 30 days for citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine consular fee is €60. In addition to the Additional fee for a child, inscribed in the passport of a tourist is € 6. The consular fee for a child with an their own travel passport is €60. Consular fee for Single Entry Tourist visa for a period of at least 30 days for citizens of CIS countries is €20. In addition to Additional fee for a the child, inscribed in the passport of a tourist is €6.



Temporary registration


The legislation of Montenegro the legislation provides for a procedure for of temporary registration of foreigners who are owning property in Montenegro (house, villa or apartment). Registration is available at the Department of the Foreign Police police department for foreigners issues. Initially, registration is issued for 3 months, and then can be extended for 6 months, followed then for a year.


For temporary registration in the Police Department for Foreigners must you have to submit the following documents:


1. The decision of the cadastre that you are indeed the owner of the property. A single buy and sell agreement may not be enough, because the police believe that the agreement itself may be dissolved.


2. Documents confirming the solvency of a one family member (a document from a Bank that confirms the amount of funds in on the account or certificate that you are working in Montenegro).


3. Statement Application form from each family member in the Serbian language (place of birth, education, family status, work over the past 10 years, nationality, address in Russia, where and with whom they you reside on the territory of Montenegro, signature, date). Application form from the child is signed by mother. for each family member individually, for the child's mother signed.


4. Filled holographic form issued by the Police Department for Foreigners.


5. Receipts tax Tax receipt.


A permanent residence permit can be obtained only after their staying in the country for not less than 5 years on the basis of residence permit is not less than 5 years.



Residence permit (BORAVAK)


Residence permit in Montenegro (BORAVAK), is first given for a period of 3 months at first and then is can be renewed extended after the end of this period.


Legislation of Montenegro provides several options for obtaining a residence permit:


— On the basis of marriage.


— On the basis of learning.


— On the basis of an employment contract with Montenegrin company.


— Based on self-employment


The new Aliens Act does not provide a basis for obtaining a residence permit in the presence case of alien land ownership in Montenegro. However, the property owned or under leasehold interest is a condition of receiving boravаk, along with the availability of health insurance, benefits funds livelihoods and supporting documents confirming the presence of one of the reasons listed to register boravаk design. Buying a property in the country does not automatically get residence permit in Montenegro.


The only way is to register a legal person entity who that works and brings the state benefit (jobs, paying taxes, etc.). Residence permits are obtained in Montenegro, in the Ministry of Interior. For every legitimate reason to obtain residence permit requires a separate set of documents is required. When After registering registration of juridical person legal entity is only one of the directors and owners are is able to registrate entitled to receive residence permit.


The employee of the company gets receives a firm a work permit with the issuance of his a labour book. Requires Also registration of in all social agencies and foundations is required, as well as a monthly payment of for social contributions. Wages in Montenegro is accrueds with more than 35% of social taxes and contributions. The residence permit is usually granted to as a rule, the director of the company and members of his family.



Permanent residence


To obtain citizenship in Montenegro, the need you have to live on its territory continuously constantly for 10 years working and paying taxes. There must be a working visa. For this you need business visa. If in case of an official marriage with a citizen of Montenegro, the period shall will be reduced to 5 years. Since 2010, the law in legislation of the Republic of Montenegro has appeared a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship obtaining, provided that investments in the country, in case of investing more than €500 000 in the country, but not in private property.