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Artery to vein ratio

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The Container (1300 m) is considered a river canyon the deepest in the territory of Europe, on depth it concedes only to a canyon of Colorado (1600 m). Container so pure river that water can be drunk directly from the river.


In the city of Bars there is a unique nature sanctuary — an olive tree which age exceeds 2000. Besides, it still fructifies!


The canyon of the river of Tsiyevna in places is so narrow that it is possible to step over it easily.


Nearby Nikshich there is a field in the territory of which 30 rivers and 300 sources of water are located.


One of three remained virgin forests in the territory of Europe is in Montenegro, in national park «Biotown mountain».


The quantity of species of the plants growing in Montenegro (2833) exceeds summarized all-European, thus 22 from them it is impossible to find in the world except Montenegro anywhere.


The bottom of Lake Skadar in several places is below sea-level, besides more anywhere in the world, only here, it is possible to see pelicans in nature.


The river of the Deja moo in Montenegro — the only river in the world which flows in both directions.