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All Restaurants in Montenegro can be divided into three big groups. First, it quays restaurants of national cuisine. Second, the Italian restaurants orientation. Third, the mountain «eatery». National kitchen restaurants. The basis of their menu, prosciutto, and clotted cream. Simple «Serbian salad» — is sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. A wide selection of meats, sausages and razhenits (not burgers, but not just meat). All the meat dishes are cooked on a grill in the main («rotshil» in Serbian).





From Seafood is particularly interesting dish «prstachi» — a shellfish living in long shells, which, according to the Montenegrins, found only in Montenegro. The differences between restaurants are small. All of them are very friendly service and are always of high quality products. Portions are large in all restaurants, ordering the barbecue, you can be assured that you will bring to a barbecue cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and potatoes. Tip — not keen on the menu. Wait for hot meals and a mid-meal, you will see whether you still need, and dessert.





If we talk about the wines, then the example of Montenegro can be seen that the monopoly isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All the wines, except, of course, home, manufactured on a single local wine Combine — «Agrokombinat named July 13».


Cabernet, Merlot, Sauvignon is very high quality, but local pride — a red wine «Vranac». Prices are very humane. The restaurant «Vranac» is in the area of 09.07 euros, the wine shop is 2-3 euros.


Wines easier even cheaper. From the heart to sit in a pub for two euro will rise to 20 euros from the tip.



Italian restaurants


Pizza, pasta, lasagna and also very often on the menu you can find a treat «sladoled» — is ice cream. Typically, these restaurants are located in the historic centers of coastal cities, although they can be found in other places.


If the restaurant — imitation of a real Italian restaurant, and there may be good to sit and drink. Distinguish fakes from genuine Italian restaurants quite easily (and this applies not only to Montenegro) — at the time for drinks. If there will be drinks for 1-2 minutes, then before you fake and you can safely stay. If after 10 minutes of sullen waitress might remember about you — that everything is fine, too, is a real Italian restaurant. The same can be — you're on vacation, not in a hurry.



Mountain «eatery»


They are the most colorful. A large number are located along the trails. This, in general, and restaurants, coffee shops, but rather «bar», although almost all appear tempting inscription «roshtil», etc. They always pour excellent coffee. An excellent choice for various local moonshine and wine. Typically, this place serves a person who is a chef, waiter, cashier, manager, etc. in one person. It may be a young beautiful girl, and the gray-moustached old man. Pour it always necessary, but to feed — you need to please the owner.


It is fair to note that almost all cooked in a restaurant is a fantastic tasty. Money for the pleasure take, so little that you can easily keep the same amount of tip.






And the most wonderful cafe located in Budva, in the old town. The tables are right on the beach, and you only need to decide under the umbrella of what color you want to settle down.