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Holidays and Festivals in Montenegro are marked with a special scale and long-term compliance with national traditions. Each season in Montenegro presents a new form of recreation for visitors and residents.​


The January celebrations are directly linked with the festival of the first snow at the ski resort Zabljak.


In February, celebrates the mimosa in Montenegro (Herceg Novi), when the expense of flowering mimosa yellow almost all the streets at the same time transformed into a huge greenhouse.


March in Podgorica is a children's song festivals.


May Day marked at the Bar of the International Television Festival.


In June you can visit Budva order to listen to music on the famous Mediterranean Festival.


Some festivals pass in Montenegro in July: Arrival in Zabljak mountain flowers, theater festival in Budva Music Festival «Sun steps» in Herceg Novi, Puppet Theater Festival in Kotor.


In August you can enjoy high quality films in the festival in Herceg Novi, listen to poetry while visiting the Days of Poetry in Bijelo Polje.


September has always been distinguished conduct a true fisherman's festivals, dexterous actions Montenegrin fisherman can see firsthand in Budva.


In November, a festival of children's art in the city of Bar, in December, the Days of Culture held in Podgorica.


Holidays in Montenegro are not so much with the widest scope, but with distinct and unique traditions. Theater-goers, critics, music lovers and musicians, fans of horseracing, and cooks — in Montenegro, despite the small size of the territory, is where to turn the creative soul.


January 2 — Chicken Christmas (Holy Day of Ignatius of Antioch) — this day visitor who came first in the House, declared the «chicken's anointed». The owner puts it on the pillow, that he was carrying eggs. Then give him a pumpkin, a guest breaks it so that the seeds are scattered as far as possible in all directions, that is, the chicks were produced in large quantities. Also on this day every member of the family fortune throws in the fire log or branch.


January 5 — Tutsindan («Fat Day»). This is an Orthodox holiday. Montenegro is renowned for its piety, but because this day is strictly forbidden to punish the children because the rest of the year, they will misbehave. For a festive table slaughtered lamb or pig.​


January 6 — Christmas Eve (Badnyak, Badnidan).


January 7 — Orthodox Christmas. These holidays in Montenegro is considered one of the most important. Seventh-January after the festive liturgy Montenegrins partake of brandy (fruit liquor), eating dried fruits and nuts, and in the evening on the table appear «pogacha» (a flat cake of dough), and «pechenitsa» (roasted pig on a spit).


January 13 — Old New Year. Prepare round cakes of corn dough with Kaymakam (curds cream).​


Easter is traditionally considered the most revered holiday. Like Russian, Montenegrin greet each other with «Christ is risen!», «Truly He is Risen!». Evening festivities in honor of Easter, called «people's Sabor» or «Varos». Second Sunday after Easter is called the young («Mlada»).


May 1 — Labour Day. The countries of the former Yugoslavia began to celebrate Labor Day in Chicago after the demonstrations that took place in 1888. In Montenegro, has been celebrated since 1918.​


May 12 — Day of Basil of Ostrog. One of the most famous monasteries in Montenegro is the Monastery Ostrog, carved into the rock, where the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog, a man who became a symbol of fortitude for the Montenegrin people. Many people were healed by St. Basil. Today, to the monastery of people come from all corners of the earth.​


May 21 — Independence Day in Montenegro. On this day in 2006 the country held a national referendum, where 55.5% of the population of Montenegro voted for independence.​


July 13 — Statehood Day of Montenegro. This is the only day that represents the public holidays in Montenegro. It was July 13, 1878 Berlin Congress recognized Montenegro, the 27th in a row as an independent state in the world. And July 13, 1941 was the revolt of the Montenegrin people against Italian occupation.​


August 28 — the day of announcement of Montenegro Kingdom.​