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Herceg Novi (10 km.)

The city has its origins in the 14th century, under the name of Sveti Stefan. The city is located on the mountain terraces. Herceg Novi — a city of stairs. While in other cities of the proximity to the sea, saying in meters or minutes, then everything is measured in steps.


Herceg Novi is a narrow coastal strip, sandwiched between the bay at the entrance to Kotor Bay and the mountains Krivosie and Orien. The climate in Herceg Novi mild, Mediterranean.


Herceg Novi location due to the nature has a special microclimate. There are about 200 sunny days a year. In July and August — approximately 11 hours of sunlight a day.



Kotor (33 km.)


The city is considered one of the best preserved medieval city centers in the Adriatic, entered in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.


The unique beauty that is created with stone houses, which are located along the coast, they are wonderful contrast with the steep and high mountains. The blue sea, a stone beach, the slopes of Mount Lovcen, the most famous in Montenegro, green foliage with rocks on the ramparts of the Old Kotor, create an unusually beautiful landscapes. Attracted to the same mountain serpentines, rising to the fortresses of St. Giovanni and St. John, medieval castles, and, of course, fun and engaging local people.



Perast (10 km.)


An ancient town in Montenegro located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor Boka Adriatic Sea, a few kilometers to the north-west of Kotor. A quiet, sleepy little town located deep in the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska). It consists of a promenade, from which the climb up the mountain quiet streets with beautiful old houses. Cars go only by the promenade and the road that passes above the city. Perast, unlike other cities in the coast, such as Kotor or Dubrovnik, almost did not suffer from earthquakes, and the architecture of 15-18 centuries, has reached us in excellent condition. Time seems to stop the run and lay down to rest in the shade on the waterfront.



Budva (32 km.)


The city is located in one of the sunniest places on the Adriatic coast, which is perfect for all those who enjoy an active and fun holiday. City Life does not stop for a moment, and its streets are never deserted. Today, Budva — summer stage for a variety of cultural events, a city of festivals and holidays. Do not be disappointed, and fans of shopping — they will have a pleasant walk to numerous shops and souvenir shops of Budva, where their attention will be presented colorful products of local artisans.