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Ski resorts


In a cold season Montenegro represents an excellent place for the people preferring passive rest to an extreme and new feelings. The developed infrastructure, ideal climatic conditions and picturesque landscapes attract tourists from around the world to the country of «Chornye Range».


Ski resorts of Montenegro are modern, komfortabelna and are well equipped. To services of vacationers routes are provided for a snowboard, mountain and cross-country skis. Ropeways, thanks to modern systems, have high capacity, and it means that you shouldn't stand in a long line of persons interested to drive. Both beginners, and professionals will be able to find the optimum, most suitable for itself route in winter sports, routes in Montenegro strike skiers with the variety. Also alpine skiing Montenegro opens opportunity to seize skill of driving to you and your children by means of ski and snowboard schools and educational routes.





In Hertseg-Novi there are some schools of diving where it is possible to be trained in immersion elements, to employ the instructor and to hire equipment. Among the most interesting underwater sights there are some caves, the remains of the sunk ships and antique artifacts. It is a lot of places, interesting to immersion, is at Lushtits's peninsula. It is the Mermaid's cave, the Blue cave, a cave Poseidon's City.


Underwater systems represent some caves connected among themselves with the rich underwater world. And between Kobal and Kobil's capes at an entrance to the Kotorsky gulf the place Gorgonias where it is possible to examine corals is located. The island of Mamul who is famous for the sandy beach has an interesting route. On the island it is possible to examine also the remains of the destroyed fortress. Routes of various degree of complexity both for beginners, and for professionals





Along the coast the promenade «Seven Danits» the 7 km long, connecting city of Hertseg-Novi with the resort of Igalo was stretched.


It is the known Mediterranean medical resort, here are: The center of improving tourism, Institute of physical therapy and prevention of Simo Milosevic, and also the Center of health and rest. There are therapeutic sea muds called «игальско protection» (igaljsko blato) and mineral waters, called «to an igalska to a Slatina» — according to the name of the next improving center of Igalo much.


Medical factors — soft sea climate, mineral waters and dirt. At treatment such methods as massage, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, mud baths, inhalations, acupuncture, phototherapy, exercises on a beach are used.





The sun, warm and tender wind, the picturesque coast with the untouched nature, the small ancient cities with wide stone embankments, shouts of seagulls, the boundless blue sea and the snow-white deck of the magnificent yacht — ideal walk on the yacht has to be such. But you will be able to find it only in the few places of the world everything at once. Montenegro — from their number. And it is some reasons for that:


— Adriatic Sea is one of the most comfortable seas of Europe and even the world for navigation, there are no big storm and gale-force winds.


— The cut-up and various landscape of the Balkan coast will turn even the most usual walk along the coast into interesting and fascinating travel.


And of course, in Montenegro there are representations of the largest producers of yachts, a set of the companies offer services in storage and leaving, sale and lease of yachts.





About 5 years ago the Italian professor Giuseppe Pianetti left native Monte-Carlo and on the advice of the friends went to Montenegro Budva. From now on the passionate fan of a casino will see off in Budva every weekend, moreover he collected group of «adherents» who three times a week fly charters to a casino of Maestral hotel and passionately indulge in the favourite hobby.


According to Pianetti, in the country of Montenegro of a casino as game has a special charm. There is everything — the kind personnel, natural beauty, the quiet atmosphere for game. Enterprising professor from Italy constantly organizes so-called «green» days off for Italian «kazinoshnik». Giuseppe admits that he needed a lot of time to convince players from Italy that in Montenegro the casino isn't worse, than in other «haunts of vice» of Europe. But those who managed to be convinced at least once, became constant admirers of a casino in Montenegro.